We have been very happy with our geothermal system and have not dealt with as much of the dry heat symptoms that we faced with the old fire breathing dragon that you liberated from its captivity in our basement.
Art, Middlebury, CT

Dealing with the two of you was a pleasure.  Your answers to our questions were patient and understandable and never left the impression that we were keeping you from more pressing buisness.
Aurelle, Granby, CT

Well, it's been one year this week! Looks like we produced 14.8 kWh for the year, which is great. I haven't paid more than the $19 connection fee to Eversource since February, and I've got 1.3 kWh surplus as of the last bill going into the lean months. Not inconceivable that it'll be enough to top off those low months until spring.

The heat pump had been fantastic. Absolutely love it. Kept the bedroom perfect temperature all year with no noise and even helped with the rest of the house.  So, all positive. No issues with it working, etc.

                                                                                                                                                                                            John, Southington, CT